Friday, December 16, 2011

Skeletal Muscle Tissue - Muscle Anatomy

Our anatomy class is working to finish understanding the muscle system before Christmas break is here, so we have divided it into 3 different sections that all the class will work on and then teach to people studying the other sections. The 3 parts include: muscle anatomy, sliding filament model, and neuromuscular junction. Sierra, Sidney, and I decided to do the muscle anatomy. To display our learnings and to present what we learned for others is we created a poster on which we drew, colored, and labeled the anatomy.

Let's take a moment to break this poster down...
Our first view is looking at the muscle as a whole:
This shows the bulk of the muscle. If you were to look at a specific muscle such as the bicep or tricep this is the anatomy you would find. Some major parts in this section is the muscle belly and the triad.
The second section we will be looking at is an extension of one of the fasicals to show even the smaller break down of muscles. 
We broke down each of these fasicals all the way inside a single muscle fiber to the myofibril which is the contractible unit of the muscle.
Lastly, this is a very detailed diagram of the contractible bands in the muscle. 
This is a break down of muscle anatomy. We had fun making this poster and we also learned a ton about this structure. I think we did very well on this poster and our understanding is at a proficient level. Next steps will include learning what the others have to teach us about the other 2 sections and in return teaching them about muscle anatomy. This was a great way to incorporate experience in working with a group and community teaching. Helping to teach others in ways that we understand the best; its not text book talk, its people to people talk, real talk, and that makes the learning experience even that much better!
Hope you enjoyed my post! Have a great day! :)

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