Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bone - skeletal system

     This prezi displays all that I learned about bones. In this prezi I broke the topic of bone into 3 different categories. These categories included bone structure, bone development and growth, and bone fractures and breaks. I did 3 sub categories for each of these topics and then a few even have subtopics within the subtopics. This is a rather large post but it shows all that I know. 
     For a short piece of self-reflection I would say that I really like using Prezi because it helps me to remember the information much better than the book or notes or lectures. The whole idea of me picking the information to use and typing it myself really helps me to remember the facts. I can use this information again when I take classes for nursing, when I biology, and even in everyday life. Soon we will learn all of the bones in the body so I could help others know which bones are where, I know which parts of the body has little bones that we must be careful about, and I may be able to help determine breaks and fractures and on which bone they may be located. I feel like I'm learning pretty quickly as I go, but this is a hard subject so I'll need to pay attention. Next steps include learning all the bones of the body and finishing up the skeletal system. Overall things are going well and looking positive as I move along! Check out my post and enjoy it :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Integumentary System (skin/cancer/burns)

This Prezi that I have created goes over all I have learned from the Integumentary System. There was a lot to cover and this is a rather large post, but I learned a lot about skin, cancer, and burns so I felt I needed to share it all. I hope my blog can help you learn as well as it helped me. 

Just for a short self-reflection:
1. I could use this again in life, hope to be a nurse practitioner so I'm sure I will need to know how to detect skin-cancer and burns. I'll also need to give advise about how to take care of the skin.
2. Patterns that I saw were that there are always progressively worse stages in medical conditions such as first, second, and third degree burns & the basal, squamous, and melanoma cancers.
3. I fell like I picked up on each of these topics very well and I have a solid base of each of these categories of understanding. Next, I can just keep applying it to other parts of science and building my knowledge of these topics.