Tuesday, February 28, 2012

THE WHOLE WORKS!! Heart Anatomy, Blood Flow, Dissection, and Data!!

Here is a massive Prezi containing a ton of information!! I have information about heart anatomy talking about the parts, their locations and functions. The next section is the blood flow; I have multiple diagrams with blue (deoxygenated blood) and red (oxygenated blood) representing the course of the blood flow throughout the heart. The third section of this post is the pictures of our cow heart dissection. The final section is more of a lab write up. It is a very informal, basic lab write up with a graph of data analysis and a good conclusion backed by some reflection questions. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sheep Brain Lab

This is just a post of the sheep brain direction lab just to mainly show photographs I captured during the process. We did this lab in order to understand the nervous system a bit better. This photos are of my group (Audie, Steven, and I) that cute our sheep's brain horizontally, while some of the photos are of other groups sheep brains that are cut in saggital and coronal planes. This was an interesting lab because once dissected we could see the white and grey matter such as in the last picture. We could also pick out certain structures of the brain that remained. The nervous system has been a very interesting topic and I have greatly enjoyed all of the studies we have done with it! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vision and the Optic Nerve (Nervous System)

Here is video that Audie, Steven, and I made about vision and the optic nerve. This is an overview of vision and how it works with the nervous system and then it goes into detail about the optic nerve. It is a fun video that is great for teaching while still be entertaining. Check it out here.