Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Integumentary System (skin/cancer/burns)

This Prezi that I have created goes over all I have learned from the Integumentary System. There was a lot to cover and this is a rather large post, but I learned a lot about skin, cancer, and burns so I felt I needed to share it all. I hope my blog can help you learn as well as it helped me. 

Just for a short self-reflection:
1. I could use this again in life, hope to be a nurse practitioner so I'm sure I will need to know how to detect skin-cancer and burns. I'll also need to give advise about how to take care of the skin.
2. Patterns that I saw were that there are always progressively worse stages in medical conditions such as first, second, and third degree burns & the basal, squamous, and melanoma cancers.
3. I fell like I picked up on each of these topics very well and I have a solid base of each of these categories of understanding. Next, I can just keep applying it to other parts of science and building my knowledge of these topics.

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